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We are experts in this service due to our unique relationship with our plastic recycling partner. We have exchanged 100,000s of wheeled bins throughout the UK.

We are the number 1 company with a proven track record. We can exchange on a mass scale or a small amount.

We are finding quite a few councils introducing a paid Garden Waste schemes, which means, on occasions, an old bin  needs to be collected for people who are not part of the scheme.

Also, we have collected in old recycling bins who are not part of a new recycling scheme.

But our main operation is collecting in an Authorities domestic 240L wheeled bin and replacing with a smaller 140L wheeled bin.

We provide a detailed method statement of how we plan to achieve a high collection rate. Our teams are fully experience in de-wheeling, re-stacking and re-processing of HDPE. All axles and wheels are also collected and recycled.

Giving the only 100% fully recycled wheeled bin.


Below is a sample map of how we practically exchange bins

sample collection.jpg
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